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Wiseco Pistons Kit (Bore 86mm, CR 8.3) for Toyota Supra 2JZ-GTE 3.0L 1993-1998 K550M86AP

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86.00mm / 3.386




Wiseco Forged Piston Advantage:

Wiseco leads the performance aftermarket by producing the highest quality forged pistons for domestic automobiles, sport compact and racing applications right here in the USA. Wiseco is unique because we forge all of our own pistons in house, and produce all of our own forge tooling right here in the USA. This allows us to control all aspects of our manufacturing process from raw bar to skirt coating finished parts. In addition, in-house dyno testing gives Wiseco the ability to develop state-of-the-art technology such as new shapes, coatings, and components, and lead the industry through rigorous R&D. Linking all segments of Wiseco’s organization through design, testing, manufacturing, and distribution allows us to fulfill market needs with minimum lead-times. Extreme racing conditions demand the strength and toughness that only forged pistons can offer. Compared to cast pistons, forgings are tougher and more durable, and will stand up to the abuse that high performance motorsport applications require. Most castings are brittle, have no grain structure and tend to fail catastrophically when the material yield strength is exceeded. Forgings have condensed grain that is aligned to the features of the part, which produces higher mechanical properties, and resistance to impact and fatigue. Each forging is designed to optimize the strength-to-weight ratio, and maximize performance.


Piston Engineering / Armor Glide Coating:

Wiseco’s detailed skirt shapes and profiles are very specific to each application. Variable cam programming software developed in house allows Wiseco to produce high-performance shapes unique to only Wiseco. The skirt shape (barrel/cam) is one of the most functional areas on the piston, and provides stability and smooth operation in the cylinder bore. Stability is important for proper ring seal, reduced friction, and quiet operation. Each skirt shape is designed for a specific running clearance, based on coefficient of thermal expansion of the piston alloy. Some forging alloys expand more than casting alloys, but each Wiseco piston is designed with the proper installed clearance to produce the most power, least wear, and best seal at running temperature, for each application. Comparing installed clearances on cast vs forged parts is not indicative of the running clearance at temperature. Wiseco engineers have a strong background in all forms of racing applications, and produce the best shapes and designs in the industry.


Some of our forged pistons offer our new ArmorGlide™ skirt coating, which is the result of testing, development, and benchmarking through Wiseco’s rigorous in-house dyno program. The outcome is the ultimate in skirt coating toughness, lubrication, and bond technology working together to minimize friction, maximize horsepower, and provide improved wear resistance. Not only is ArmorGlide™ a high-tech lubricant that reduces friction, but it also allows the piston to be fitted tighter within the bore allowing a better ring seal and reduced noise from piston rock.


Aerospace grade materials, forged for maximum strength.

Precision tolerance CNC machining for quality, repeatability and performance.

Crown thickness and ring lands designed for power adders such as forced induction (turbos & blowers) and nitrous oxide. Note: High compression pistons are generally designed for naturally aspired application.

High Quality Piston Rings featuring positive twist nitride steel top ring, Napier 2nd ring, and nitrided rails on a specially designed expander for the best oil control.

Wrist Pins constructed of chrome moly steel material for the ultimate in strength.

Honed/Reamed pin bore holes for a precise tolerance fit between wrist pin and piston.

Wire Retainer Clip Lock, featuring chrome silicon material for the ultimate yield strength

Piston deburred for performance and reliability.

All specs based on U.S. engine codes unless noted.

Includes: Pistons, Rings, Wrist Pin Locks, and Wrist Pins.

Part #:K550M86AP


Toyota Supra MKIV 1993-1998 2JZ-GTE 3.0L 24V


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