Weld Racing RT-S S71 Forged Aluminum Black Anodized Wheels 71MB-510B75A

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Weld Racing RT-S S71 forged aluminum black anodized wheels feature 3-piece forgings that are assembled by welding, for application flexibility. They are manufactured using primary forging-grade aluminum alloys to create maximum strength and durability. Weld Racing RT-S forged wheels are available in 15 in. to 18 in. diameters and are tested with F.E.A. and in-house destructive testing to ensure safety.Wheel, RTS Forged, Aluminum, Black, 15 in. x 10.275 in., 5 x 4.75 in. Bolt Circle, 7.5 in. Backspace, Each

Part #:  71MB-510B75A 

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