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VibraTechnics 02-06 RSX / 02-05 Civic Si Engine Mount Kit

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Vibratechnic set out to make the highest quality products on the market. We come from a OEM background and our technical director was actually involved in the design and development of the original Civic and Accord engine mounts for Honda in the UK back in the mid 90s.

We never ever use polyurethane because its such a poor vibration isolator, it also have issues with temperature stability, we only ever use OEM standard rubber compounds.

When we set about designing the EP3/RSX system we started from scratch. The right hand (engine side) mount took the most time developing because its characteristics are critical. It is also the one that is most prone to failure. It can be fitted without the other mounts and the performance gain from this part alone is fantastic. It is also very price competitive with the OEM parts over here.

Includes: Complete 3 piece mount kit 


2002 RSX, 2003 RSX, 2004 RSX, 2005 RSX, 2006 RSX (manual trans)

2002 Civic Si, 2003 Civic Si, 2004 Civic Si, 2005 Civic Si


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