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Vibra-Technics Toyota Aristo, Lexus GS300, MK1 ('91-97), Mk2 ('97-'05) kit - Engine Mounts JZS147 (MK1, '91-'97) TOY400M

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These engine mounts are specifically designed to increase control over the car by giving more driver "feel". They are perfect for Drift cars that are also used daily on the road.


The use of a natural rubber insulator element gives vastly superior comfort and isolation from engine vibration over inferior aftermarket urethane or "solid" mounts. They also do not suffer from the problem of the engine sitting too high which can happen with OEM style mounts made in harder rubber.


Replaces OEM part number:- 12360-46040


Price is for a complete engine set (2 mounts)


Part # TOY400M

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