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Vibra-Technics Ford Focus ('98-'04) ZX3, RS, ST, SVT - LHS Engine Mounting, all variants FOR245MX

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This LHS mounting carries approximately half the weight of the powertrain and has to react forces in the three orthogonal planes as well as rotational. The standard mount does an acceptable job controlling engine movement and isolating the cabin from noise and vibration under 'normal' driving conditions. However when subjected to a tuned engine and/or high performance driving conditions more control of engine movement is required. The fitting of this competition version FOR245MX will substantially reduce vertical and lateral engine movement under track conditions and the rubber section will still give a degree of isolation from noise and vibration. This part is a direct replacement for the Ford OE mount and comes with a new centre nut which we suggest is assembled using thread locking compound. We recommend that this mount is used in conjunction with the RHS mounting FOR240MX or FOR226MX and torque link bush FOR224B.


Replaces OEM part number:- 98AB 7M121 PB, 1133020, 1133019, 1061131, 1066070, 1092270


Part # FOR245MX 

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