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Turbosmart IWG75 Universal 150mm Rod 10 psi Black TS-0681-5102

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Turbosmart has developed these internal wastegate actuators to provide better turbo response and sensitivity, while managing boost pressure. They are packed with features that make them more convenient and reliable than other wastegate actuators. The Nomex-reinforced silicone diaphragm can withstand high temperatures associated with turbochargers without fear of failure. Their high-grade billet construction is strong and lightweight, while their stainless steel rod and clevis prevent corrosion under harsh elements. To top off these great little packages, Turbosmart designed a locking collar that allows for quick spring changes. Combine these internal wastegate actuators with Turbosmart's boost controller to really fine-tune your car's potential.

Part #: TS-0681-5102

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