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Tomei Expreme Equal Length Exhaust Manifold Header Kit GT86 BRZ FR-S FA20 TB6010-SB03A

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$675.00 $750.00

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The FA20 boxer engine inside the Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ can be said to be the successor to the EJ engine. At Tomei Powered, through our extensive testing, we've produced numerous EJ engine and exhaust parts. By applying our knowledge and experience of EJ engines to the ZN6/ZC6, we conducted even further tests to produce 2 new exhaust manifolds with different characteristics. Using this in conjunction with our new joint pipe, released at the same time, can yield even better results. 

Includes all gaskets, nuts, bolts etc. required for installation. Thermal insulation sheet also included to protect surrounding components. 

- Optimized pipe lengths and angles.

- Improved exhaust efficiency through catless design  

- Designed to minimize heat transfer to the oil pan. 

Application: Subaru: BRZ (2013+) Scion: FR-S (2013-2016) Toyota: GT86 (2017+)

Part Number:  TB6010-SB03A

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