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Thermal R&D Catback Exhaust for 1997-2001 Honda Prelude (non-SH Model)

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B118-C117 System Specifications: 2.25" Diameter Tubing 3" Diameter Tip 304 Grade Stainless Steel Honda catback exhaust systems were the first systems introduced by Thermal Research and Development and remain a very successful and well-respected part of our exhaust line. Tuned toward the upper mid-range and top end, this exhaust is designed to add performance and sound for the more aggressively built vehicle. Thermal R&D Exhaust systems are designed with quality of sound and manufacturing as our number one goal. Built from T304 Stainless Steel, the fit and finish of our products are designed for performance on both the street and the track. Understanding that the exhaust is the starting point for many builds, our high-performance exhaust will allow additional modifications to perform at their peak. We engineer our products with the goal of achieving the best all-around product for a given application.
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