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SPL Parts Titanium Rear Upper Control Camber Arms S13 S14 Z32 SPL RUA S13

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SPL Rear Upper Arms allow for an increased range of adjustment for rear camber, offering a total of 8.5deg (largest range on the market) of camber adjustment.
These arms also feature the new Hybrid adjuster, which allows for consistent and accurate alignments using a billet aluminum clamp that prevents the spherical bearing from rotating when locking down the alignment.

Adjustment specs:  -5.5deg to +3deg from stock arm

QA1 bearings have been replaced with NCT bearings.  Also the adjuster nut and hybrid bolt are titanium,  You can see in the picture the blue hardware is the only part that is titanium.  The entire arm is not titanium.

Black color

Part #: SPL RUA S13

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