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SPL Parts Titanium Rear Traction Rods (S13 S14 Z32) SPL RTR S13

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SPL TITANIUM rear traction rods eliminate the mushy rubber bushings on the stock links to reduce toe change in the rear suspension under hard acceleration/braking and when going over bumps. This provides more stability and predictability to the rear suspension for tighter handling.

SPL TITANIUM series links are also length adjustable to allow the rear suspension bumpsteer characteristics to be adjusted. Their exclusive 4130 chromoly hybrid adjuster offers quick and precise adjustment, and is CNC gundrilled to minimize weight. Blue anodized titanium hardware shaves even more unsprung weight from the arms, without compromising strength.

USA made FK racing 3-piece bearing feature a teflon liner to provide quiet operation, lower friction, smoother articulation and eliminates bushing deflection under load. The liner is also self-lubricating and self-cleaning, offering robust reliability for street and track use.

Note:  Hicas must be disabled on cars equipped with Hicas. 

Adjustment specs:  -7/8" to +5/8" from stock length

Part #: SPL RTR S13

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