SPL Parts Titanium Pillow Ball Tension Rods (S13  & Z32) SPL TR S13

SPL Parts Titanium Pillow Ball Tension Rods (S13 & Z32) SPL TR S13

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SPL TITANIUM tension rods provide for adjustment of front caster, allowing you to change front caster to optimize the turn-in response and to compensate for variances between the left and right caster. Low-friction articulating spherical bearings on the tension rods eliminate the stock mushy rubber bushing to provide a more responsive steering feel.

SPL TITANIUM series tension rods are engineered for maximum performance. Large diameter (1 3/8") billet T6061 rods are precision CNC machined and gun-drilled to reduce unsprung weight while maintaning high strength and stiffness. These exclusive 4130 chromoly hybrid adjuster offers wide adjustment range and precise adjustment, and is also CNC gundrilled to minimize weight. Blue anodized titanium hardware shaves even more unsprung weight from the arms, without compromising strength.

USA made FK racing 3-piece bearing feature a teflon liner to provide quiet operation, lower friction, smoother articulation and eliminates bushing deflection under load. The liner is also self-lubricating and self-cleaning, offering robust reliability for street and track use.

Part #: SPL TR S13

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