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SPL Parts PRO Solid Differential Mounting Bushings for (Nissan S13)SPL SDB S13

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SPL CNC machined T6061 solid aluminum mounting bushings allow you to adapt J30, Z32 (NA), S14, S15 or Skyline rear differential pumpkins to the S13 rear subframe (note that the rear housing cover still needs to be swapped for the stock S13 cover). Solid aluminum bushings eliminate the rubber bushings on the pumpkin that will tear due to the lack of a "moustache" support bar on the S13 subframe. The solid bushings will also hold the differential solidly to the subframe, reducing wheel hop and improving power transfer to the ground. Kit includes new Nissan bolts to mount the differential.

Will not work for S13 Diff into S13 Subframe.

Part #: SPL SDB S13

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