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SpeedFactory Racing Honda/Acura B-Series Cooling System Fill Pot

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Whether you have a custom radiator or a SpeedFactory Race/Tucked radiator for your racing application, you need a proper way to fill and bleed air from your B-Series engine's cooling system from the highest point- and we have the solution.

SpeedFactory Racing Honda/Acura B-Series Cooling System Fill Pots are compatible with most aftermarket radiator setups, and change the high point of your cooling system for easy filling and system air bleeding. Your cooling system's capacity will also be increased by roughly 1 quart.

Each SpeedFactory Cooling System Fill Pot includes a Moroso 31-33LB radiator cap; which will add a significant amount of cooling efficiency to your car - especially for hot Summer track days. The increased coolant pressure via the Moroso cap raises the boiling point of your cooling system, which can give you some extra insurance against engine failure or detonation in extreme conditions.

Our pots are manufactured in-house using high quality aluminum materials and feature laser-cut components and head flanges to ensure a perfect fit every time.

SpeedFactory Racing B-Series Cooling System Fill Pots are available for B16/ Integra Type R/ GS-R  cylinder heads in -16AN or 32mm (standard hose end) configurations.


**Please note: SpeedFactory Racing Coolant Fill Pots will not clear on applications using a factory distributor or distributor housing.  You MUST have a standalone EMS system using an external camshaft trigger OR AEM's EPM (Engine Position Module) to replace your distributor.**

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