Snow Performance Stage 2 Power Max Controller Upgrade 60500

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The VC-50 features a boost referenced 2 1/16 gauge style progressive water-methanol controller. Heavily loaded, the VC-50 comes with a dual tone 7 color OLED screen and shows boost, percentage of injection, low level, secondary nozzle activation, and 2 specific fault modes (clogged line/broken line) directly on the screen. The controller can be turned on/off to act as a boost gauge only or water-methanol controller. Fit with Snow Performance dual stage technology, the VC-50 has the ability to progressively control 2 Hyper-Sonic™ Nozzles independently of one another. This sophisticated injection stratagy allows for the highest increases in HP and cooling amoung all other water-methanol injection systems.

*Includes:* * VC-50 Controller * 2 1/16 Gauge Pod Assembly * Snow Performance 90 Day Parts Warranty

*NOTE* For Use On All Boosted Applications

Part #:60500

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