Skunk2 Racing Pro Series Ball-Joint 94-01 Integra 92-00 Civic 916-05-5670

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Skunk2 is synonymous with innovation, so it’s no surprise that its engineers took the company’s highly successful and widely copied Pro Series Ball Joints and made them even better. Pro Series Ball Joints V2.0, which are compatible with '92-'00 Civic and '94-'01 Integra Tuner Series, Pro Series, and Pro Series Plus Front Camber Kits, may look similar to their predecessor on the surface, but they aren’t. Pro Series Ball Joints V2.0 help alleviate typical clearance problems normally associated with lowered cars and aftermarket, adjustable ball joints. Typically, the front, upper A-arm’s ball joint’s range of motion maxes out on lowered cars, causing the suspension arm to bind at the joint. Skunk2’s Pro Series Ball Joints V2.0 alleviate this problem thanks to a 3mm larger diameter pivot ball and a notched housing that allows for increased range of motion and increased strength. A high quality Teflon liner is also used to surround the ball joint for smoother operation, while the rubber boot that houses the ball joint now utilizes a crimped design that allows for the increased angle, adding both durability and longevity. 
  • Replacement; For 516-05-0670 / 516-05-0680 Pro-Series Upgrade

Part #: 916-05-5670

Notes: Sold individually (QTY 1 ea). Only works with Skunk2 Camber Kit. Not an OEM replacement unit.

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