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Racetech RT4000W Racing Seat FIA Approved - RT4000W

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A classic design. Similar in shape to the RT1000, but wider overall and with flared thigh support, this racing seat suits a larger build. Featuring suede wear protection in both the shoulder and thigh areas and a racing-heritage inspired quilted centre panel. Your choice of black, blue or red fire-retardant fabric.


Dimensions and Weights:

Model Material FIA 8855 A B C D E F G Mount Width Shell Weight Total Weight
RT4000W Fibreglass Composite Yes 58 60 39 56 48 87 67 41 7.0 9.1
RT4000WX Fibreglass Composite Yes 63 60 43 60 48 87 66 46 7.6 9.8
            dimensions in cm   weights in kg
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