ONYX Series Pipe Shield 010496

ONYX Series Pipe Shield 010496

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DEI has launched the next generation of heat protection performance! Using a combination of advanced textiles, DEI developed a flexible heat shield solution that looks great and outperforms other conventional heat shields available today. This enhanced performance starts by joining two durable materials together forming a dual-layer design. The outer layer is made from heat-treated glass fiber that is bonded with molten aluminum and then formed into a tight weave for durability and strength.

The inside material is made of a specially treated, high temperature resistant fabric (89% silica) designed to withstand some serious exhaust heat. The outer edge is finished off with a surge stitch for durability. All hardware is stainless steel. The result is a product with very good thermal performance up to 1350°F, with an eye catching rich black finish.

This proprietary textile technology combined with DEI’s unique shield standoff bracket design provides the maximum potential for cooling and heat dissipation. In addition to external applications protecting legs and boots, Flexible Pipe Shields can also be used as a barrier between the exhaust and plastic bodywork, suspension components, or electrical harnesses. They will fit many applications and because the shield remains flexible, it will fit most pipe diameters.

  • More effective than traditional metal heat shieldsHPTautosportDEI
  • Capable of handling high temperature exposure up to 1350°F
  • Protects boots, legs and components against heat

Material: Dual-ply aluminum impregnated glass/woven silica construction 
Size: 4"x8"
Temperature Rating: 1350°F Continuous, 2000°F Intermittent
Color: Black

Part #: 010496