NRG Innovations M12 x 1.25 Lug Nut Set 21 pc Black w/ locks & lock socket T7075 LN-710BK-21

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700 series lug nuts. They are both open end and closed end due to the design of our NRG logo embellished dust cap. If you decided to run extended studs in the future you can remove the embellished dust cap to accommodate extended studs. The 700 series lug nuts are forged from Al7075 T6 aerospace grade aluminum, also referred in the industry as Duralumin. A lot stronger and more durable than T6061 aluminum, this version is available in 8 different vibrant colors. Aluminum lug nuts should be hand tightened and torque down to vehicle specifications. Never use an impact gun to tighten or loosen any type of Aluminum lug nuts. This kit includes 5 locking lug nuts, 1 key and 15 standard lug nuts, enough for all tire and a spare.

Part # LN-710BK-21

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