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KTuner End-User Board Tuning System Revision 1 w/ On Board Logging

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Our KTuner In-ECU tuning package comes with a single KTuner hardware unit paired with a single user license for the KTuner software.

  • This unit is locked to one ECU and allows you to alter the settings in your ECU.
  • Full reading, reflashing, and datalogging.
  • On Board Logging (8MB) – RSX/Swap and Accord/TSX only as of 1/10/16
  • Direct Flex Fuel input for ethanol content and temperature. RSX/Swap only as of 1/10/16
  • Four (4) Analog inputs for 0-5 volt sensor signals. – All platforms.
  • Two (2) Speed inputs for VR or HALL sensors. – All platforms.
  • Peripheral port for Bluetooth, LCD displays, and additional add-ons.
  • KTuner uses direct USB connectivity for fast data transfers.

- Many engine basemaps are included with the software to choose from to begin with. See the links below for features on each application:

What vehicles can this be used on?
02-04 RSX/02-05 EP3 with the use of a conversion harness
K20 and K24 swapped vehicles
05-06 RSX Type-S, Base Auto and Manual
04-06 TSX 
03-05 Accord Auto and Manual
06-07 Accord Drive By Wire Auto and Manual
03-06 Element Auto and Manual

Vehicle Applications For The KTuner OBD Interface and Dealer Tuning:



Civic Si 06-11
Civic Type-R 07-11
Civic Si 12-15
Civic R18 12-15


Accord i4 08-12
Accord V6 08-12
Accord i4 13-15
Accord V6 13-16


TSX i4 07-08
TSX i4 09-14
TSX V6 09-14


TL Base 07-08
TL Type-S 07-08
TL 3.5 09-14
TL SH-AWD 3.7 09-14


S2000 06-09


MDX V6 07-13


Ridgeline V6 09-14


Fit 09-13


CR-Z 11-15

A preview of the software is available on the KTuner site here:

- One KTuner end user board
- One KTuner end user software license (paired with system)
- Pair of KTuner decals
- New USB cable for connecting to the system

- Bluetooth capable system. Blue tooth unit available as an add-on for $49.00 (please select that option)

Tuning with KTuner will require the following:

  • KTuner end-user system (this item)
  • KTuner ready K series ECU . You cannot purchase and install this system yourself
  • You must either purchase with an ECU from us or send your ECU in for installation.
  • Jumper harness on some applications.

**Please select ECU option from drop down menu. If you will be sending in your ECU for install, select Customer Supplied ECU**

**Standard turn around time on Ktuner end user board installation is 5-7 business days before shipping**

**Please DO NOT send us a core ECU without contacting us first**

Email us directly with any questions:

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