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Karcepts 36mm Swap Hubs - Honda/Acura 1996-2001 Integra 1992-2000 Civic KWH02

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Karcepts 36mm Swap Hubs provide the SOLUTION for upgrading to OEM Honda/Acura “36mm” axles in high powered 1988-2005 Civics, 1990-2001 Integras,1988-1991 CRX’s, and 2009-2013 Fits. Perfect for K-Swaps; but can also be used with high output B, D, F, H, and J-Swaps.
They utilize a substantially larger axle spline which allows them to handle higher horsepower and torque outputs, yet they are extremely cost effective.  This larger axle spline is observed in chassis such as the Acura RSX-S, Honda 06+ Civic Si, and Honda Prelude. Unfortunately, this larger spline is unable to be installed directly into OEM Civic, Integra, or CRX hubs, so that is where our Karcepts 36mm Swap Hubs come into play.  Karcepts Hubs are modeled almost exactly after the OEM Honda/Acura hubs they replace, except that the splines now match that of the larger “36mm” axles.  Side Note: Internet forum terminology has named the larger OEM spline axles “36mm”.  We have conformed to that terminology as not to confuse others.  However; for educational and axle identification purposes, “36mm” is actually the socket size used for the axle nut of these larger spline axles. The larger spline diameter in reality measures 29.50mm on these axles.
  • CNC turned out of billet high strength chrome-moly steel
  • Maintains OEM rotor-centric attributes
  • Includes 2.50" long ARP extended studs
  • Designed for the larger OEM 29.50mm axle spline (36mm axle nut socket)
  • OEM “36mm” axles have proven time and again to easily sustain 300+ WHP
  • Use Karcepts P/N: KWH02 to replace factory OEM Honda/Acura hub P/N: 44600-S04-A00 found on ALL USDM 1994-2001 Acura Integra models (excluding Type-R) and 30% of USDM 1992-2000 Honda Civic models.  These vehicles use a 43mm I.D. wheel bearing and also have factory brake discs which measure 262mm (or 10.31 inch) O.D.
 *If you are uncertain which OEM Honda hubs are used on your 1992-2000 Honda Civic knuckles, simply measure the I.D. (inner diameter) of your wheel bearing or the O.D. (outer diameter) of your original factory brake disc and compare with the above. 

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