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K-Tuned Swivel Neck Thermostat Housing for K Series K20 K20a K20a2 K20z1 K24 KST-UNV-350

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K-Tuned has the solution to your lower rad hose problems. Some of the motors we have received came with the oem plastic water neck broken. Until now, you could only order a replacement part from Honda/Acura. Problem is they only sell the housing complete with the thermostat, which is pretty expensive and it doesn’t provide any real benefits. If your housing isn’t broken then you still have to get the right hose, with the right angles and mate it to the rad. After that, you have to figure out where to put your fan switch and in the past the only option was to use a special inline aluminum hose adapter. 

This product solves all these problems and gives you some options when doing your swap. The housing swivels, allowing you to position the water outlet angle before it is tightened down. The provided custom made fitting is the same size as the oem rad hose on one end, and is threaded for an AN fitting on the other end. This allows you to use whatever size fitting you need for custom installations. If you want to use braided hose with AN fittings, this housing will bolt on easily and with the right adapter threaded in, you’ll be all set. The housing has three ports in the body, one for your fan switch, a 1/8 NPT port for gauges etc. and also ½ NPT port for our optional recirculation fitting. 2 NPT plugs are included in case the ports remain unused. The swivel neck comes pre-assembled with a quality Stant thermostat (180 deg.) which is held in place with a 'C' clip. The kit uses a standard size thermostat that you can easily replace with anything in the 160-195 degree range.

Last but not least, this was a bonus we found while designing it. We noticed that by adding one more hole to the flange you could completely remove the oem black plastic housing from the block and delete the heater core hoses. When set up this way, our thermostat housing is bolted directly to the oem aluminum water pump housing. This is perfect for race car applications.

  • K-Series Engines

Note: Please choose which outlet you prefer (standard hose fitting or -16an fitting) from the drop down menus. Also, choose whether to include a fan switch or a fan switch plug. The basic swivel neck option does not include a plug for the fan switch hole.

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