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K-Tuned Replacement Sleeves - High Pressure 10AN (5 Pack)-KHP-10HE-IS

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Applications: Used with K-Tuned High-Pressure Fittings. Replacement sleeves are used to remove and reuse your fittings when making changes. K-Tuned High Pressure Hose Ends were developed for use with our K-Tuned High Pressure Teflon Hose. The unique one piece high flow design allows for increased flow capacity when compared to conventional crimped hose ends. Our HP fittings are made from 6061 aluminium and have been hard anodized for compatibility with several different race fuels including E85, E10, and methanol. Note that these fittings also work fine with oils, other lubricants and engine coolant. Assembly is very simple because no special tools are required. Even the larger 12AN and 16AN hoses, which are normally painful to work with, are very easy to assemble. The titanum grey hard anodized finish matches up very well with our dark grey Kevlar HP Hose. Please note that our K-Tuned HP Fittings must be used with our HP Teflon Hose to ensure proper fitment and seal.
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