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K Tuned No Cut K Swap Shifter Box K20 K24 Swap EF EG EK DC2 KTD-NC-SFT

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After a long wait we are happy to announce that the K-Tuned No-Cut K-Swap Shifter is now available!
This shifter is designed to be used in all EF, DA, EG, DC2 and EK chassis and of course, as the title states, this unit installs with absolutely no cutting of the exhaust tunnel and allows you to keep your stock center console in place!
It can be used with all OEM and aftermarket 02-04 RSX shifter cables. 05-06 RSX shifter cables will work with but with slight modification. 
Construction is 90% billet aluminum with mix of stainless steel, brass and delrin. All materials used were chosen to create a strong and reliable shifter with outstanding feel. The shifter has three pivot points that were made for long term wear. However, the shifter can be rebuilt easily with replacement bushings. 
There are 2 settings for the front to back throw that are easily made at the top section of the shifter. A progressive rate neutral return spring is used just like the ones that are used in the OEM design. To install the shifter on a manual transmission chassis use the OEM rear shifter holes and simply drill 2 more holes up front, that's it. The aluminum mechanism for the shifter will then bolt in place up top and the arms will pass down through the factory shifter hole. The bottom section where the cables are connected is fully sealed and 100% leak-free unlike some other designs where water and exhaust gases can actually get inside the shifter and the cabin. 
The K-Tuned No-Cut Shifter was on the design table for almost 5 years! Despite making a handful of prototypes, most of them never met high expectations. This part was challenging to make due to space constraints. Trying to fit a handful of moving parts in the confined space under the Honda center console without cutting anything was the first hurdle. The second and most important to, was still keeping all those moving parts strong and reliable enough to avoid failures. 


K-Tuned is very confident that the No-Cut Shifter is superior to the competitors short-term design!

ALL K swaps with k20a2/k20z1 transmissions

Notes: Shift knob sold separately


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