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K-Tuned K series K20 K24 72mm Cast Throttle Body Dual PRB/RBC Bolt Pattern

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Our cast throttle body is designed to be a great budget option for someone looking for a throttle body larger than stock. Direct fit for PRB/PRC and RBC/RRC manifolds. This will require engine management of some sort like K-Pro since there is no EVAP port.


  • Dual Bolt Pattern PRB/PRC and RBC/RRC
  • 72mm bore
  • TPS and IACV Provisions
  • Throttle bracket included
  • 5 position throttle wheel (Allows greater throttle cable options)
  • Adjustable spring pressure
  • IACV can be plugged with supplied 1/8NPT Plugs (No block off required)
  • Gasket and all hardware included
*TPS  02-06 RSX Type S / Type R And EP3
*IACV 02-06 RSX Type S and EP3

Applications: Drive by Cable K series engines 

  • Dual bolt pattern PRB/PRC and RBC/RRC intake manifold. 

Part Number: KTD-72K-DBP

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