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K Tuned Hall Effect Billet TPS Sensor KTD-TPS-HES K20A K20Z KTD-TPS-HES

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 Designing a TPS unit that can withstand the vibration associated with  solid or semi-solid K-Series swap mounts has been a bit challenging for  us. Our previous designs were both very successful but they still left  us searching for something that would perform even better over the long  term. During our research, we specifically wanted to know what sensors  were used on F1 and LeMans race cars, figuring that if what they use  meets their high demands, it would work very well for our Honda/Acura  applications. Hall Effect technology kept coming up in our search, which uses a zero contact magnetic signal system that is specifically  designed for reliability in very harsh applications. Using this zero  contact design virtually eliminates failures because there are no actual contact points that can rub together and wear out.

To develop the K-Tuned Hall Effect TPS Sensor we teamed up with a  company in Europe. We designed the 6061 billet aluminum housing, while  they provide the internal sensor that closely matches the specifications we need. Almost 12 months of real world testing on several different  cars plus a few prototypes later, we were finally confident in the  overall design. The K-Tuned HE TPS features a billet aluminum housing  that is now black anodized, a popular request from our customers. The  wiring is plug and play into the factory engine harness and was left a  bit long so the connection can be tucked away cleanly under the intake  manifold. Stainless steel mounting hardware is included and the sensor  is backed by a 90 day warranty.


  • K20A/A2 and K20Z1 Throttle body, also  K20A3 Throttle body only from the Honda Civic EP3 hatchback. It also  fits several aftermarket TB’s.
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