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K-Tuned Belt - K24 Adjustable EP3 Pulley Kit - 7PK1320

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Applications: K-Tuned Universal A/C & P/S Eliminator Kit & K-Tuned Adjustable EP3 Pulley Kit K20 and K24 Note: * Please verify your kit before ordering: * Universal A/C & P/S Eliminator KP-UNV-400 or KP-UNV-385 * K-Tuned Adjustable EP3 Pulley Kit KPB-K20-500 * K-Tuned Adjustable EP3 Pulley Kit KPB-K24-501 * This will not work with the older K20 and K24 specific A/C & P/S eliminator kits Don't get caught without an extra belt at the track. The K-Tuned belts are custom made to our specs. They are designed to be stronger and more durable. They are 7-rib like OEM and are perfect size so no more worrying and measuring to find the right belt at the autoparts store.
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