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Jackson Racing R18 Supercharger System 06-11 Civic Ex Dx Lx

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• CARB EO# D-700-1 (Tuned Systems Only)
• 50 State Emissions Legal
• 45% Increase in HP
• 38% Increase in TQ
• Silent Operation
• Performance Honda Drivability
• Maintains Excellent Fuel Economy

The Jackson Racing Civic R18 supercharger system is a seamless addition the Civic. The Jackson Racing system delivers up to an additional 65 horsepower and 50 ft-lbs of torque, an impressive 45% increase horsepower and 38% increase in torque. Over 40ft-lbs of torque is gained in the mid range!

And even with the increase in power, Civic R18 fuel economy is maintained with the Jackson Racing system. At cruise speed, the bypass valve in the system regulates the amount of boost the engine sees. But when you hit the throttle the improvement in drivability and passing capability is felt instantly. The power and torque delivery of the Jackson Racing Civic R18 is smooth, with a strong and sporty power delivery that will make you fall in love with your Honda again.

Jackson Racing supercharger systems are true bolt-on systems and are designed to be installed with no engine modifications. No cutting, no welding, no grinding, no tapping… Jackson Racing systems install like factory components, making this a no headache addition to your Civic R18.

The Civic R18 supercharger system uses the well-rounded Rotrex C30-74 supercharger unit. The patented traction drive system in the Rotrex supercharger is whisper quiet, and produces no audible hint of the new power under the hood. All Rotrex superchargers use a self contained oiling system, so no engine oil runs through the supercharger. This helps keep the Rotrex cool and keep temperatures down. Also, no tapping your oil pan or having hot engine oil lines running everywhere!

When producing the highest quality bolt on forced induction, we expect to have the highest quality engine management to go along with it. That is why we utilize Hondata. The Jackson Racing Civic R18 calibration has been developed with Hondata to provide a seamless driving experience and has gone through tough endurance testing, with over 20,000 miles clocked in one year in all types of environments. In the end we have a calibration with no hesitations, no hiccups, no issues… Perfect drivability, as if it came from Honda with our system.

Now what is the use of having a economical high performance street car if it is not legal to drive on the street? That is why we made sure to emissions certify our Civic R18 supercharger system.

High performance, excellent fuel economy, and a CARB EO… Just what the Civic R18 needed!

Pricing and Availability

Tune It Yourself (TIY) Kit – $3495
- Jackson Racing Civic R18 Supercharger System
- Engine Management and Fuel Injectors Not Included

Factory Tuned System – $3995
- CARB EO# D-700-1
- Jackson Racing Civic R18 Supercharger System (+65HP over Stock)
- Hondata ECU Reflash
- High Flow Fuel Injectors

FlashPro Tuner System – $4495
- CARB EO# D-700-1
- Jackson Racing Civic R18 Supercharger System (+65HP over Stock)
- Hondata FlashPro
- Jackson Racing Civic R18 FlashPro Calibration
- High Flow Fuel Injectors

Track Package- $4595
• +100HP increase over Stock
• Jackson Racing FlashPro Race Calibration (Flash Drive Included)
• 450cc DeatschWerks Fuel Injectors Included
• Cat Delete Recommended when used on Track

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