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Innovative Steel Motor Mount Kit 60A for 92-93 Integra Cable to Hydro 49351-60A

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$316.91 $326.71

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Innovative Mounts 49351-60A Innovative Steel Motor Mounts

Products specifications
Bushing 60A (Red)
Hydraulic Kit w/ Actuator

Innovative Steel Mounts are CNC Machined from Steel with high quality welds. Innovative Steel Mounts are a great entry level kit for practically any swap.

Kits Do Not Include Front Mount

Bushing Option

  • 60A Red Bushings Up to 250HP These bushings are recommended for street cars. Most of kits come standard with these bushings. 60A bushings provide the least amount of vibration transfered from the engine to the chassis. This equates to a more comfortable everyday ride.
  • 75A Black Bushings Up to 500HP These bushings come standard on all H/F Series engines. These engines weigh more and need a stronger bushing. 75A is recommended for street and track vehicles that make more than average horsepower. This rating of bushing is also for those that would like a stiffer feel and less engine flex.
  • 85A Grey Bushings 500+HP Designed specifically for race cars or drivers that seek a solid engine mount kit.


Part # 49351-60A

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