Innovative Mounts Hybrid Racing Innovative Steel Engine Mount Kit ACURA INTEGRA Innovative Steel Engine Mount Kit 99351-75A

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  • This is a unique polyurethane bushing unlike no other. Our bushings are solid, will never wear or break, and come with a life time unconditional warranty. A key design decision in our bushings is that it makes minimal physical contact with the mounting bracket or chassis. The shape of the urethane bushing is tapered to prevent binding between the chassis and/or mounting bracket. This allows the urethane to gradually absorb engine movement and vibration.


  • 60A Red – The 60A Red bushings are recommended for street cars. Most of our kits come standard with these bushings. They provide the least amout of vibration transfered from the engine to the chasis. This equates to a more comfortable everyday ride.
  • 75A Black – The 75A Black bushings come standard on all Hybrid Racing K – Series mounts in Green. These engines weigh more and need a stronger bushing. We recommend 75A for street and track vehicles that make more than average horsepower. This rating of bushing is also for those that would like a stiffer feel and less engine flex.
  • 85A Grey – The 85A Grey bushings is designed specifically for race cars or drivers that seek a solid engine mount kit.


Part # 99351-75A