Injen 13 Ford Focus ST 2.0L (t) 4cyl Black Short Ram Intake w/MR Tech & Heat Shield SP9001BLK

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Injen Air Intake - SP Series Intake System: The Injen SP Series Intake Systems Feature the Patent Pending MR Technology Process for Optimal Gains and a Safe A/F Ratio. The Injen SP Series Intake System does not limit itself to just a Cold Air System or Short Ram System. The MR Technology process has its effects on both types. The Injen SP Series Intake is The World's First Tuned Intake System

Part Number: SP9001BLK
Notes: SP Series Short Ram Intake
Manufacturer: Injen
Color: Black
Filter: X-1021

Product Category: Intake Systems



2013 2014 FORD FOCUS ST




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