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Hybrid Racing Universal Conversion Harness (K-Series ANY CHASSIS) HYB-CWH-01-99-C

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The universal harness is designed for those people who have decided to install a K-Series engine into a non-honda chassis or a chassis where a standard plug and play conversion harness is not available. (such as Preludes, DA Integras, Accords, and older Honda chassis)We have had people use this harness in open wheel cars such as the Ariel Atom and RCR Superlite Roadster as well as full blown Drag Civic's and Integra's.

The race harness includes a fuel pump relay, a main relay and an primary oxygen sensor relay.Chances are you will be using the OEM ecu so we also include the wiring for the primary (wide band) oxygen sensor into the harness. In addition it comes pre-wired for check engine light, tachometer, oil pressure light, speedometer, charging light and fan controls. All of these wires are clearly labeled and easily extended to meet your custom needs.

If your engine of choice is the K-Series motor than we can help you get it started.

Application: K-Series ANY CHASSIS

Part #: HYB-CWH-01-99-C

Notes: Special order item. Item may take 2-3 weeks to ship once purchased.

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