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Hybrid Racing Bolt-In Adjustable Short Shifter (Version 2) 06-11 Honda Civic Si HYB-SAS-01-15

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In 2009 we were the first company to offer a fully adjustable shifter assembly for the 8th gen Civic. It was one of the first of many complete shifter assemblies that we created over the years and is certainly one of the most popular. With the continued pursuit of refinement and performance, we have captured that desire and have one again created the best performing shifter available. Over the last few months, our team of engineers and designers went to work and updated many critical components of ALL of our shifter assemblies to not only make them stronger and smoother, but more efficient for us to produce.

We all like pretty, shiny parts but not all that glitters is gold. (no pun intended, hehe!) Just because most race cars are ugly, doesn’t mean their parts have to follow suit. We chose an amazing matte Dust Gold finish that is not only visually stunning but will no doubt stand out inside of your machine. We also altered the spring length, stiffness, and mounting location to optimize centering power and reduce wear.

The matte black powder coated frame is made from high-strength steel and features a new look with larger, polygonal cuts that reduce weight. We also increased the thickness and reduced the angle of the neck to improve clamping force and strength. This also works well with our optional extended shift rod!

Fresh details like an anodized aluminum name plaque and laser etching complete details that set the Version 2 shifter apart from the original. A major upgrade to the lower section comes in the form of a one-piece machined aluminum rocker that houses two sealed bearings that aid in a smooth, fluid range of motion.

The old, bronze bushings are gone and are replaced with full sealed stainless bearings to further reduce friction and unwanted resistance. These bearings increase precision while reducing the amount of force required to change gears. It shouldn’t be hard to change gears… you want to do it with little effort!


  • Smooth, precise and direct shifts
  • Adjustable Left/Right Throw from 10-50% Below Stock
  • Adjustable Front/Back Throw from 10-50% Below Stock
  • Anodized Billet Aluminum & Stainless Steel construction
  • New sealed ball bearings that reduce friction
  • Lighter & stronger than the V1 shifter
  • Race tested for durability & reliability
  • 1.5 Inches of height adjustability
  • Silver Zinc plated springs
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Unique laser etched anodized aluminum plaque

Part #: HYB-SAS-01-15


2006 Civic Si, 2007 Civic Si, 2008 Civic Si, 2009 Civic Si, 2010 Civic Si, 2011 Civic Si

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