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Honda K20A/K24A2 iVtec - 306/302 - Stage 2 - Camshafts KELFORD 179-B

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 179-B camshafts are designed as a serious racing camshaft set for motorsport applications. These camshafts do not suit motors with stock internals. The 179-A is the best cam on the market for those engines. K20 and K24 engines used in Road racing, drag racing and street / strip applications will benefit from fitting these camshafts. We reccomend aftermarket high comp pistons with deeper pockets, race header, ITB or race intake, fully programable ecu etc. Our lobe designs are very easy on valvetrain and timing chain parts and that makes these camshafts the very best for endurance and racing applications for K engines builds in the 250-320 hp range. Primary / Secondary lobe specifications are: Int, 274/280 @ 0.1mm, 210/220 @ 1.00mm 8.30mm/9.00mm Valve lift. Exh, 268/278 @ 0.1mm, 200/210 @ 1.00mm, 7.55/7.55mm Valve lift

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