HKS GT Supercharger System Kits - CR-Z - 2011-2015 - 12001-AH007

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The GT Supercharger System Kits will only be available for purchase through select HKS Certified Pro Dealers and HKS Certified Installers. Only these HKS dealers will be authorized to install the GT supercharger kits.

With the introduction of the GT Supercharger line, HKS raises the performance bar by giving you a choice of premium-quality turbo or supercharger forced-induction systems. For supercharger aficionados, our supercharger kits provide OEM-level engineering quality, combined with best-in- class reliability, efficiency and quiet operation. Performance delivery is linear from any speed as a result of the GT Supercharger’s Torque Response Traction Drive system. You can be confident in your car’s driving performance when the GT supercharger is installed*. This year, HKS is celebrating 35 years of building the finest automotive performance equipment in the world. The GT Supercharger kits now join the long list of unbeatable HKS products. They have undergone extensive testing, including thousands of miles of endurance tests in Japan and the U.S., to validate durability and efficiency, which will allow compliance with CARB for 50-state legality**.


PROBLEM: Today’s performance cars simply don’t have the underhood room for the bulky supercharger systems of old. SOLUTION: The compact-design HKS GT Supercharger kit. The patented Traction Drive design delivers a 9.44:1 output ratio. Not only is our new Torque Response Traction Drive system more efficient, it also eliminates the “constant noise” associated with gear-driven superchargers. Initially, GT Supercharger kits are available for the Nissan 350Z, Infiniti G35 Coupe and FX35, with more to be offered soon. On the 350Z, the kit produces 18 percent horsepower gain and 23 percent more torque—an increase of some 50 horses and 60 foot-pounds of torque. Bear in mind that while some superchargers might claim more power, only HKS GT Supercharger kits provide the best balance of performance, fuel economy and emissions compliance**, not to mention our undisputed reputation for unequaled reliability. GT Supercharger kits designed for street use include all components for bolt-on installation*: GT Supercharger with self-contained Traction Oil system and Oil Cooler, front-mount Intercooler, vehicle-specific F-Con engine management-fuel system and Super Mega Flow Intake.

PART# 12001-AH007

APPLICATIONS: 2011 Honda CR-Z, 2012 Honda CR-Z, 2013 Honda CR-Z, 2014 Honda CR-Z, 2015 Honda CR-Z