Hawk HPS Brake Pads - Accord/Civic (CNG) - FRONT - 2003-2010 - HB447F.667

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HPS (‘F’ Compound Code)
When it comes to performance braking, there is no competition. This unique Ferro-Carbon compound combines the safety and quality of Aerospace design partnered with the braking technology of motorsports. Much improved braking over OE and standard replacement brake pads. Recommended for import & domestic automobiles.

  • Increased Stopping Power
  • High Friction/Torque Hot or Cold
  • Gentle on Rotors
  • Extended Pad Life
  • Low Dust
  • Virtually Noise-Free

PART# HB447F.667

APPLICATIONS: 2003 Honda Accord, 2004 Honda Accord, 2005 Honda Accord, 2006 Honda Accord, 2007 Honda Accord, 2006 Honda Civic (CNG), 2007 Honda Civic (CNG), 2008 Honda Civic (CNG), 2009 Honda Civic (CNG), 2010 Honda Civic (CNG)

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