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Goodridge 2010 Chevrolet Camaro G-Stop Brake Lines 12219

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Toss your rubber stock hoses and upgrade to the high performance of steel brake lines. Goodridge G-Stop Brake Lines offer maximum safety, feel and performance, whether you're a high-adrenaline racer or a daily commuter. They're crafted from tough braided stainless steel that far outshines your stock hoses.

Don't settle for mushy brakes any longer. The stainless braid of Goodridge G-Stop Brake Lines eliminates volumetric expansion, so your braking is tight and firm every time you step on the pedal. They also cut down on noisy and annoying ABS brake chatter. These upgrades don't just make your ride more comfortable - they also greatly shorten your stopping distance for safer driving in every environment.

The Goodridge G-Stop Brake Line Kit comes is custom-designed for your exact year, make, and model vehicle for a hassle-free fit. Iit includes all the brackets and hose ends you need, so installation is straightforward for mechanics or more technically-inclined Do-It-Yourselfers. Plus, Goodridge G-Stop Brake Lines are T.U.V-approved and D.O.T. certified, so you know you can count on them.


Part # 12219 

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