Gate Racing Thermostat w/Gasket for Honda Civic Acura Integra B16 B18 D16 170 Degree

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Gate Racing Thermostat Honda Civic Acura Integra B16 B18 D16 170 Degree.

Brand New in Box , Never Used or Installed GATES 170 Degree Racing Thermostat w/ Gasket:

Includes: (1) GATES 3340S Thermostat (made by Motorad) with Gasket

Gates Racing Thermostat Features:

-Designed to Open at 170 Degrees opposed to the Factory Thermostat That Opens at 190 Degrees
-Ideal for Supercharged,Turbocharged , Nitrous And All Motor Engines
-Reduces the Chances or Detonations under Racing Conditions
-Cost Effective Solution to Lower Coolant Temperature when Compared to Mugen , Spoon Sports , ARC Thermostats that cost Over $50.00

 Applications: ALL: Honda/Acura 1.6L SOHC and 1.6/1.8L DOHC motors.