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Gate Racing Thermostat 170 Degree Honda B16a D16z D167 B18a B18b B20 B18c 33340S

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Brand New in Box , Never Used or Installed GATES 170 Degree Racing Thermostat w/ Gasket:

ALL: Honda/Acura 1.6L Sohc and 1.6/1.8L Dohc motors.

The Gates Racing Thermostat helps mantain optimal water temperatures for maximum Performance. The Thermostat Sets the valve's opening Temperature lower than the stock thermostat to circulate the coolant earlier in Order to mantain the engine temperature cooler.As a Result , it works toward preventing power loss , Knocking and other negative thermal effects. Works Perfect with Stock Oem Radiator and Also with Racing and Aluminum Radiators.

Gates Racing Thermostat Features:

Designed to Open at 170 Degrees opposed to the Factory Thermostat That Opens at 190 Degrees 

  • Ideal for Supercharged,Turbocharged , Nitrous And All Motor Engines 
  • Reduces the Chances or Detonations under Racing Conditions 
  • Kit Includes Brand New Thermostat  and Gasket
  • Cost Effective Solution to Lower Coolant Temperature when Compared to Mugen , Spoon Sports , ARC Thermostats that cost Over $50.00 


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