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FUELAB 82821-1 828 Series In-Line Fuel Filters

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82821 In-Line Fuelab Filters


Item-details: FUELAB™ In-Line Fuel Filters keep your engine running clean. They feature male AN / 37º Flared fitting end caps, so you can attach them directly to other fuel system components. Also featured are machined internal radii for minimal pressure drop. For greater flow capacity and increased filtration the larger 828 Series Fuel Filter is equipped with a 5 inch element. With AN female ports. O-ring required. Consult component manufacturer’s port specifications.


Filter Features


Less pressure drop (works great as a pre-filter)

Greater flow capacity

Increased filtration capacity

Reduced maintenance frequency

Gasoline, diesel, methanol, and ethanol fuel compatible

Billet Aluminum with anodize per military MIL-A-8625, Type II

-6AN male inlets and outlets

Includes low profile saddle clamp mounting bracket(s)

Replaceable or cleanable filter element

200 PSIG maximum pressure rating

Backed by a 2-year limited warranty

Includes Long (5 inch) 75 micron / Stainless Steel Element - This filter element should only be used as a pre-filter for fuel pumps. It helps prevent pump cavitation with an extremely low pressure drop.


82821-C 75 micron stainless steel filter with -6AN inlet/outlet

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