Fortune Auto 500 Series Coilovers for 2009+ NISSAN 370Z (Z34) - FA510CFD-Z34

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BESPOKE SUSPENSION SYSTEMS Fortune Auto engineers were tasked with a focused goal to make the Generation 7 - 500 Series dampers the best single adjustable system on the market at a very affordable price point. All systems are completely hand-built. We insist on building bespoke suspension in order to offer the best quality control in the industry. At Fortune Auto, we approach the science of suspension with a mentality of customization that has raised the industry's standards of performance. EVERYDAY DRIVABILITY Research on the racetrack has helped us develop the Fortune Auto 500 Series into a great all-around shock absorber. Using high quality components that meet our strict standards allows us to optimize comfort, reliability, and longevity. OCCASIONAL TRACK USE Flow Digressive piston technology? allows for stiff low-speed compression/rebound force. This gives more control of driver inputs such as roll, dive, and squat. However, at fast stroke speeds (i.e. high speed bumps) the suspension becomes supple in response to bumps and irregularities in the road for maximum control. BRIGHT DIP ANODIZED Bright dip anodizing is a chemical polishing/anodizing process that is very effective in enhancing the integrity of the aluminum. Bright dipping creates a brilliant, shiny surface which protects our 6061 forged aluminum parts from corrosion and oxidation, ensuring that your parts look great for years to come. RADIAL BEARING MOUNTS The high-quality Koyo Japan radial bearing provides less bind for noise-free operation and smoother steering response. BACK-MILLED ALUMINUM COMPONENTS Aluminum components on the Generation 7 series coilovers are designed for optimal efficiency by maximizing weight savings without compromising integrity. DYNO-TUNED AND TESTED EVERY Fortune Auto shock absorber is dyno-tested. Once your shock absorbers are built, they are tested and matched, because we refuse to treat our shocks with a ?one size fits all mentality. PREMIUM CHROME SILICON SPRINGS The Generation 7 line of suspension is equipped with a new standard spring. Made with a special premium alloy that offers superior performance, longevity, and ride quality. FLOW DIGRESSIVE TECHNOLOGY Flow Digressive Technology allows for tremendous amounts of low speed force that translates driver inputs into razor sharp control. Furthermore, the force ?blows off? to provide the driver with a supple compliant ride while maintaining superior mechanical grip over rough surfaces. FA Synthetic Shock Oil Modularity - Upgradeable to 2-Way Canister Aluminum T6 6061 Mounts and Camber Plates Flow Digressive Technology 24 Step Rebound Adjustable Dampers Rebuildable and Revalveable at our VA Facility Custom Built and Dyno Tested Monotube Damper with High Pressure Nitrogen 5 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty" 2009+ - 370Z (Z34) (Separate Style Rear)

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