Forged Performance Racing Stainless Steel Brake Line Kit for Nissan GT-R 2009-17 FP SSBL R35

Forged Performance Racing Stainless Steel Brake Line Kit for Nissan GT-R 2009-17 FP SSBL R35

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Forged Performance, an industry leader in racing and high performance applications, is pleased to introduce our first of many and braking and suspension components to the Nissan marketplace. All Forged Performance branded products have been extensively engineered in house, manufactured in the USA, thoroughly track tested under the most rigorous conditions, and are backed by the highest levels of customer service and support. The brake lines have been fully tested on our very own Forged Performance GT-R you may see it throughout the United States winning various Nasa time trials, Time Attack competitions, and setting track records!

Forged Performance Teflon Stainless Steel brake lines are the highest quality on the market, are the first critical element to an improved braking system. OEM rubber lines are elastic, and degrade over time which results in a soft and spongy pedal with very little brake feel. Forged Performance brake lines use a strong Teflon inner core, and wrapped in high tensile strength stainless steel weave. Then each line is coated in an abrasion resistant material to protect against the elements. The difference in pedal feel and braking performance is immediately noticeable, particularly on the race track. Installation is a breeze, because our lines are completely assembled, tested, and ready for install.

Key Features:

• The only stainless steel braided Teflon hose on the market for the GT-R
• Teflon inner line covered with a woven layer of stainless steel and wrapped in abrasion resistant     translucent red covering
• Each and every line is DOT Certified MVSS-1006
• Burst Tested to 6000psi which is more than 3 times the pressure seen in the OEM braking system
• No washers, banjo bolts or extra fittings needed.
• Full 6 line Kit completely assembled and read to bolt on.
• Perfect fitment without any stretching, rubbing, or mismatching. Zero defect QC
• Real race and competition tested

Part #: FP SSBL R35

2009 GTR, 2010 GTR, 2011 GTR, 2012 GTR, 2013 GTR, 2014 GTR, 2015 GTR, 2016 GTR, 2017 GTR

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