Driveshaft Shop Pro Level B-Swap Axle Kit (Hydro) (left/right) - Civic/CRX - 1988-1991 - AC28

Driveshaft Shop Pro Level B-Swap Axle Kit (Hydro) (left/right) - Civic/CRX - 1988-1991 - AC28

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The Pro-Level Honda/Acura systems are made to withstand the demands of the highest horsepower drag cars and can currently be found in the fastest FWD Honda's to date. Our Honda/Acura Pro-Level kit is a full drivetrain system that includes both axles, featuring our Porsche-style 108mm inner CV joints and bolt-on axle flanges, our signature 33 spline outer CV's and the larger hubs to accommodate them. The most significant part of the Pro-Level System is that we are replacing the standard 27 spline differential spline with our 40% larger 28 spline transmission spline plug and intermediate bar, for use with the DSS 28 spline Pro Limited-Slip Differential (DSS Pro-LSD sold separately). This system includes all the hardware necessary for the install and comes with our full 1-year warranty. And if you already have a set of our Level 5.9 axles, they can now be upgraded to Pro-Level axles for much less than purchasing a new set. When you're ready to go for records and challenge the biggest names in FWD drag racing, the DriveShaft Shop Pro-Level drivetrain is the only way to go.
This is drag race-only application made to withstand over 1000WHP.

NOTE: If you are using these for a 88-91 Civic, you must change the knuckles to the 90-93 Integra due to the wheel bearing size.


APPLICATIONS: 1988 Honda Civic, 1989 Honda Civic, 1990 Honda Civic, 1991 Honda Civic, 1988 Honda CRX, 1989 Honda CRX, 1990 Honda CRX, 1991 Honda CRX

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