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DEI Radiator Relief 16oz. 040200

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Radiator Relief supercharges your radiator by transferring heat more efficiently through the radiator. Similar to the original formula this proven coolant additive will reduce your operating temperature up to 30°F reducing engine wear that occurs during extreme use.

Radiator Relief is also formulated with a corrosion inhibitor that reduces mineral deposits. This is the first additive that maintains pH levels that otherwise fluctuate over time resulting in core damage.

Reduces engine temperature up to 30˚F
Includes anti-foaming agent
Formulated with a corrosion inhibitor
No mixing required; just add to cooling system!
Reduces pre-existing scale build-up
Safe with all alloys
Compatible with water and all types of anti-freeze products
100% Biodegradable, Non-Corrosive and Non-Toxic Additive
For use in all water cooled engines
Contains No Glycol

Part #: 040200

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