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Brian Crower +1mm Over (33mm) Exhaust Valve Set for 02-09 WRX/04-09 STI 3605-S

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Brian Crower Valves Brian Crower Valves are made from premium stainless steel, fully machined and swirl polished for ultimate air flow. Dished head for added weight savings and increased valve control at high rpm. Standard and oversize head. EJ257 Stainless Steel Valves BC valves are one piece design with a friction welded Stellite tip for the best possible performance. Every valve is made from premium grade, heat resistant stainless steel material to insure reliability with high boost and/or high rpm applications. The undercut stem above the head area not only reduces overall weight for extended rpm potential, but also significantly improves air/fuel flow in and out of the combustion chamber. Every valve is fully machined and features a swirl polished finish under the head.

Applications: 02-09 WRX / 04-09 STI EJ205/EJ255/EJ257

Part #: 3605-S

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