Brembo GT Series Cross Drilled 2-Piece Rotors - REAR - Nissan GT-R - 2009-2015 - 209.9004A

Brembo GT Series Cross Drilled 2-Piece Rotors - REAR - Nissan GT-R - 2009-2015 - 209.9004A

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Brembo GT Series Cross Drilled 2-Piece Rotor


  • Optimum heat dissipation and fade resistance
  • Lightweight construction reduces unsprung weight
  • Motorsports derived technology
  • Increased cooling and durability compared to OEM discs
  • Lightweight 2-piece floating carbon ceramic (CCM-R) cross drilled brake discs
  • Exclusive venting system improves cooling and resistance to brake fade
  • Proprietary floating hardware allows disc to float to avoid thermal distortion
  • Unique anti-rattle hardware eliminates noise usually associated with floating discs
  • Lightweight center section machined from billet aluminum
  • 2-year limited warranty


  • Provide higher thermal conductivity and heat capacity
  • 50% lighter compared to standard iron rotors
  • Reduce the vehicle's unsprung weight
  • Improve handling and driving dynamics
  • Resistant to deformation and warping at high temperatures
  • Floating design provides better contact of rotor blade and pad

When you brake, friction between the brake pads and brake discs is turned into heat, which is mostly dissipated by the brake discs. During spirited high performance driving, repeated braking may overheat your stock brake discs, causing brake fade and reduced stopping ability. Upgrade your vehicle with these Brembo brake discs. Carbon ceramic, made from a special mixture of powders, resins and fibers using a complex manufacturing process, offer substantial benefits in terms of performance - in both wet and dry conditions - weight, comfort, corrosion resistance, durability and high-tech appeal. They also have greater mass in the friction area for greater thermal capacity.

These discs are vented for cooling and resistance to brake fade, however unlike ordinary vented discs, the vanes in Brembo discs are curved to create a centrifugal pump. The rotation of the disc causes air to be pumped from the center of the disc, through the vanes and out through the outside of the disc, greatly enhancing heat dissipation. For lightness and performance, the carbon ceramic disc is attached to a precision milled billet aluminum center section, using Brembo’s proprietary floating hardware. These fasteners, called “bobbins”, allow the disc to “float” in both radial and axial directions, enabling the disc to expand and contract according to temperature variations, without thermal distortion. And Brembo’s unique anti-rattle disc hardware eliminates the noise usually associated with floating discs. Brembo warrants to the original user that these brake discs are free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase.

Style: Cross Drilled - Position: Rear - Rotors: 380x29mm CCM-R (Carbon Ceramic)

PART# 209.9004A

APPLICATIONS: 2009 Nissan GTR, 2010 Nissan GTR, 2011 Nissan GTR, 2012 Nissan GTR, 2013 Nissan GTR, 2014 Nissan GTR, 2015 Nissan GTR (GT-R)

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