Air Lift Performance Front Kit for 05-17 Chrysler 300 / 06-17 Dodge Charger / 05-08 Dodge Magnum

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Get the stance you want and the performance you need with Air Lift Performance air suspension kits! Every kit we offer is fully engineered to properly fit your vehicle, provide unmatched static drop, and deliver ride and handling capability that exceeds factory coilover suspensions. No other lowering suspension provides a more versatile package for daily use. !Elevate your Chrysler's reputation by lowering it...with 5 inches of drop and all the versatility of air suspension. The Air Lift Performance kit is the best choice for show stance AND daily driving. Get the sharp look you crave with the exceptional performance you need! ! Treat yourself to a compact, double-bellows air spring and a 30-level, monotube, threaded body shock with independent ride height adjustment. This stylish kit features a red anodized upper mount with high quality monoball bearing, as well as black, chromed, steel shock bodies and black anodized lower mounts. Top that off with its bright red anodized aluminum end caps and locking rings, and you have a one-way ticket to a smooth, controlled journey. ! Earn some well-deserved attention for your Chrysler and grab up an Air Lift Performance kit today!