aFe Power BladeRunner EGR Cooler Combo for 08-10 Ford Diesel Trucks V8-6.4L (td)

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Stock intake manifolds have sharp bends and corners. As air flows around these corners, dead air zones are created. These dead air zones choke down the air and restrict airflow to your engine. aFe's MDV technology uses smooth bends and directional vanes to form multiple air paths through the manifold. These new paths are smoother and shorter, producing much smaller dead air zones for increased overall airflow to the engine. * Unique airflow path with MDV Technology * Proprietary internal bolt design - guaranteed to not deform and leak * Cast A356-T6 aluminum construction * Up to five port pads * Custom black-zinc finished steel bracket of OE wire harness * Faster turbo spool-up * More horsepower * Increased low-end torque for more towing power * Improved boost pressure * Stainless steel hardware