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Aeromotive Fuel Pressure FPR Gauge 0-100 psi (New Liquid Filled Ver) 15633

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Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Gauge 0-100 psi 


Part # 15633

Appliacation: Universal

  • Aeromotive's new fuel pressure gauges are compact and accurate with a 1-1/2" in diameter stainless
  • steel case, a crisp, easy to read white face with black numerals.
  • - Durable, rust free stainless steel bezel and case.
    - Shatter proof, scratch resistant, composite plastic lens.
    - Easy to read white face with black numerals and PSI increments.
    - Liquid filled gauge for consistent readings hot or cold!
    - Standard, 1/8 inch NPT male supports a direct connection to any Aeromotive adjustable regulator.
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