ACT Flywheel - ProLite - BRZ/FRS - 2013-2015 - 600700

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SPECS: 10.5lbs

ACT XACT ProLite Flywheels provide significantly improved engine response, acceleration and a higher degree of safety than the heavy stock flywheel. Many competitor flywheels are too light, fragile and expensive. ACT offers exactly what performance enthusiasts.

All XACT ProLite Flywheels are true one-piece designs CNC machined from forged Chrome-moly which is stronger and more durable than billet steel or aluminum.


  • Recommended for Track and Road Race Use
  • Maximum gear life – Gear will not Wear Out or Fall Off
  • Serviceable – Can be Resurfaced with no Need to Purchase Additional Parts
  • Chrome-Moly Forgings are Three Times More Rigid than Aluminum
  • Quick Throttle Response and Acceleration
  • Lightest and Lowest Inertia
  • Reduced Drivability

PART# 600700

APPLICATIONS: 2013 Subaru BR-Z, 2014 Subaru BR-Z, 2015 Subaru BR-Z, 2013 Scion FR-S, 2014 Scion FR-S, 2015 Scion FR-S

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