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Blox Racing Roll Center Adjuster (Extended Ball Joints) - 92-00 Civic / 94-01 Integra BXSS-20001

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BLOX Racing is proud to introduce its Roll Center Adjusters. The Roll Center Adjusters are extended ball joints that are designed to directly replace the factory ball joint inside the front knuckles.

When a vehicle is lowered, the geometry of the front suspension becomes altered. The lower the vehicle is, the greater the angles are increased. This change drastically affects camber and caster, steering response, stability, handling and cornering performance.

The BLOX Racing Roll Center Adjusters, with its increased length, are able to reposition and correct the angles of the front knuckles and lower control arms. The resulting correction in the suspension’s geometry will improve response and handling, decrease roll, and increase tire contact patch and tread life, while making alignments more consistent.

BLOX Racing always recommends safe driving heights. Best results use with BLOX Racing adjustable front camber kits.

Available for EG/EK/DC2.



2-Ball Joints

Part #: BXSS-20001


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